Your first date, first kiss and those butterfly feeling in your tummy. And then there is no surprise and excitement when he proposed. Your journey has brought the both of you here, ready to embark on the biggest adventure of your lives.

All the planning, preparations and hard work has led you to this important milestone in your life. On this day, the both of you stand ready to declare your love to the whole world.  

On this day, we stand with you through every moment. Capturing and preserving memories as the day progress. We want you to feel relaxed, enjoy the moment and have fun on your wedding day.

After all, our wedding film is one of the few investments that you’ve made that lasts beyond the wedding day itself. As the last dance finishes and the day is over. The wedding venue closes, the decorations packed up and that amazing wedding dress gets put away. What remains are fond memories and joyful emotions, all perfectly captured by our wedding film creations.

The Experience



A wedding film is one of the few investments that you will cherish for the rest of your lives. As the last dance finishes and the day is over. The cake has been eaten, the guests have left. The flowers will wilt and the decorations packed up. After you store away that amazing wedding dress, your wedding film remains – letting you relive all the fond memories and joyful emotions.

The Investment

Investment starting from $2000

Average investment $2500 to $3300

Destination Weddings or elopements inquire with me

As you decide on investing in your wedding films, keep in mind two things. First, wedding films capture the vibe, energy, emotions and sounds of your wedding day in a way no photographs ever can. 

And second, almost everything else that you are investing in your wedding is temporary. Your wedding film is forever. Relive the happiest day of your life over-and-over again with the style of wedding films that you love and cherish it for the rest of your lives.

I am available for weddings around the world. No distance is too far for your love story. Get in touch with me for my full investment guide.

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