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Mulberry Estate Caversham Wedding Film

Sarah and Ahmet – 23 November 2019

Visitors from a galaxy far far away gatecrashed the wedding of this fun loving couple. All the guests were surprised as the iconic legion marched into the Mulberry Estate after the ceremony. Everyone had fun on this epic day.

Watch their wedding film below.

Lets hear from the couple themselves:

How did you two meet?

We met through family reconnected after years of being apart we used to spend time together when we where kids then met again 15 years later

How did he propose?

I proposed at Scarbourgh Beach, told Sarah to close her eyes and when she opened her eyes I was on one knee with the wedding ring in my hand she cried instantly and was in shock

What unique elements or DIY details did you include?

We included the 501st legion storm troopers and earth Vader to come to our wedding

What was your favourite moment?

The first dance with the second epic song

Describe your wedding day in your own words

The first dance with the second epic song

What is one piece of advice that you could give brides-to-be?

Don’t stress about the little things and have fun you only live once


Filmmaker: Ben Chan @ Ben Chan Wedding Cinematography

Photographer: Paul Winzar @ Paul Winzar Photography

Zeynep Mastor

Wedding Venue: Mulberry Estate

Reception Venue: Mulberry Estate

Catering: Mulberry Estate

Yahya Ibrahim

Music: Jason Taylor @ Dream Wedding Entertainment

Reception decor: Heidi @ Affordable Wed Party Hire

Krusty Kob, Dianella



Natasha @ Wild Rose Hair

Bridesmaid Hair: Amer Alfarah @ Amer hair artist
Bridesmaid make up: Make up by Mel

Michael Hill

Sparkulars & smoke machine: Jason Taylor @ Dream Wedding Entertainment

Wedding Favours: Internally shipped from Instanbul, Turkey!

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