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Perth Ambrose Estate Wedding Film

Sabrina and Kean

Sabrina and Kean began their exciting journey as newlyweds in an intimate ceremony at the Ambrose Estate.

Watch their wedding film below.

I’m a three-for-one package deal, you date me and you get my dad and brother for free. What a bargain!Sabrina, Bride

Lets hear from the couple themselves:

What did you envision your wedding being prior to planning?

When we had started to plan for our wedding and had booked the venue, it was pre-covid and  we anticipated that all of our family and friends to fly in from interstate and around the world – having 200+ guests in mind. However Covid happened and we postponed our wedding three times. Eventually we were like screw it! Let’s just do it.. whatever happens, happens.

What was your colour palette and your style vision?

I immediately knew I wanted to incorporate dusty pink and ivory as part of the colour palette for our wedding. That being said, it was very overwhelming when you are presented with so many different options of colours, flowers, table decorations etc. However, I also knew that I wanted a very minimalistic yet modern theme for the wedding. Lucky for me, my husband was fine with anything!

What unique elements or DIY details did you include?

Our name cards that we had ordered (six weeks before the wedding day) by this amazing vendor on Etsy didn’t make it in time due to Covid delays with Australia Post. Two days before the wedding we were freaking out and needed a back up plan. We decided to go to Kmart and pick up several packs of blank name cards and a cute stamp kit and DIY the name cards ourselves. Two days, several hours, 30+ ruined name cards and a few swear words later, and we pulled it off! Needless to say, it turned out better than we expected and we could have gone without the name cards we ordered. We also DIY’d our welcome sign and seating chart. If our guests looked closely, they would’ve seen that the welcome sign was uh.. a tad on the blurry side of things, but oh well!

What was your favourite moment?

Kean: Seeing Sabrina for the first time in her stunning Wedding dress when she walked down the aisle really hit me and I started to be overwhelmed emotionally for the first time in my life. It took everything I had to keep it together and again when we were doing our vows, I came so close to losing it(in a good way) but after a long pause I was able to collect myself and finish the vows in its entirety. haha, all in all I had a good time, once the wedding started everything just flowed really well and it was good to see everyone enjoying themselves.

Sabrina: There’s too many favourite moments from the day, however if I had to choose one, it would be having my dad walk me down the aisle and seeing my husband to be in his very sharp tux waiting for me. It was a moment I had envisioned my entire life and it was absolutely perfect.

Tell us about your flowers, your dress, your flavours, your cake, etc.

I wanted peonies and eucalyptus leaves in the bouquet and table arrangements however a couple of days prior to the day, the florist had messaged to say that her supplier isn’t able to guarantee peonies due to a shortage of supply. I was freaking out and a little disappointed however she still managed to pull off a beautiful arrangement that I was completely in awe of. Going with the minimalistic theme, I knew I didn’t want an extravagant floral arrangement for the reception and our amazing florist Blooming Bunches managed to exceed my expectations with this.

Because we had to push the wedding back three times, some would say that I did things a little backwards. I had bought a dress on the fly.. literally the first dress I saw and tried, I bought. Between the time I bought this dress until a couple of months before the wedding, I had gone on a weight loss frenzy and lost 25kgs and the old dress did not suit me anymore – both in size and style. I then bought my beautiful dress from Tuscany bridal and could not be happier.

Both my husband and I have an obsession for Red Velvet cake and we knew we wanted this at our wedding. Our favourite cupcake shop – Sherbet’s Cafe in Maylands do amazing wedding cakes and we were fortunate enough to have them at our wedding.

We tossed up so many options for wedding favours – succulents, candles, chocolates – you name it. It wasn’t until we went to a farmers market that we found this amazing stall called Cloudy Confections that sells handmade marshmallows. We sampled a few flavours and knew we had to have these as our wedding favours.

Describe your wedding day in your own words

A little quirky (just like the bride and groom), simple but meaningful!

What is one piece of advice that you could give brides-to-be?

As easy as it sounds… don’t stress! Enjoy the planning stages and include your husband to be every step of the way. Have fun with it because it goes by so quickly and before you know it, you’ll be thinking what on earth just happened!

….. Also don’t rush into buying your dress… definitely a very costly mistake.

For shoes, definitely go comfort over style! For those wearing a full on gown, no one is going to see them shoes anyway. This was one decision I’m glad I made.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Just a shout out to our amazing photographer – Dennis Tan Creative, videographer – Ben Chan Wedding Cinematography and our celebrant/MC – Jia Qi Liu. It’s important to have a team of professionals that make you feel at ease while capturing those special moments, and we could not thank them all enough!


Filmmaker: Ben Chan @ Ben Chan Wedding Cinematography

Photographer: Dennis Tan @ Dennis Tan Creative

Wedding Coordinator: Aoife Petrie @ Ambrose Estate

Wedding Venue: Ambrose Estate

Reception Venue: Ambrose Estate

Florist:  Sujee @ Blooming Bunches

Hair and Makeup Artist: Kassy Wong @ Creations by Kassy Wong

Dress: Tuscany Bridal

Suit: Hugo Boss

Ring: Rosendorffs

Music: Dolce Ensembles and Champagne Duo

Cake: Sherbert Cafe & Bake Shop

Photo Booth: Lucky Shot PhotoBooth

Wedding Favours: Cloudy Confections

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