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Perth Marlee Pavilion – Kings Park Wedding Film

Naomi and Michael

Overlooking the beautiful Swan River, Naomi and Michael exchanged their vows and got married at the very same spot where Michael asked Naomi to marry him – the beautiful Marlee Pavilion in Kings Park.

Watch their wedding film below.

I remember thinking to myself, that I have found someone that I thought I would never be lucky enough to find. from Naomi during her vows
One of the things I love about you and admire the most is your determination, however you choose to apply it.  It is you who challenges me and makes me a better man. from Michael during his vows

Lets hear from the couple themselves:

Naomi: May be too detailed but, Michael and I first met on a night out with friends not too long after I had come out of a serious relationship. I was out with some girls and one of them (Athalie) was dating Michael’s friend, Justin. The girls and I hadn’t met Justin yet so Athalie arranged for him and some of his friends (including Michael) to come meet us out in Northbridge (I think everyone knew we were being set up except for me…) Then on the night itself, I sensed the expectations from our friends and I told Michael that I wasn’t interested in anything relationship-wise. Even so, we spent a big portion of the night just sitting and talking. I remember talking about family being important briefly but don’t know what else we talked about. I do clearly remember thinking that talking to Michael was one of the highlights of my night as I hadn’t been out as a single person for years and don’t ever remember having had such a good and laid back conversation with a guy I had never met before. Howeverrrr, when we were leaving the place we were at (Butterfly lol) I thought that the guys were coming with us to the next place to eat, so I left without saying goodbye to Michael, which obviously left a very different impression for him haha. A little time after that, Michael followed me on instagram – but made sure to follow another friend at the same time too in order to “play it cool.” I didn’t think much of it. One day he posted a silly story on his instagram, which was some sort of semi lame (but totally relatable) meme about microsoft word which was enough to get me to reply and start up a conversation that went on for days! We really got to know more about each other and our values, families, etc and realised we had quite a bit in common. He later asked me out on our first date and we were officially dating roughly 3 months later .

Naomi: Michael and I discussed having the wedding ceremony in King’s Park, specifically Marlee Pavilion for it being more secluded from random bystanders. I did have my suspicions but he lured me down to the pavilion one day to “check it out” and when I turned around he was half way getting down on one knee. :’) Afterwards, he took me out to a lovely 8 course dinner in the city – which is the true way to my heart.
Michael: We ended our first date sitting in kings park and talking about life and ourselves. It was a beautiful spot and we decided that we would like to get married there someday. We had already looked at rings and talked about marriage so it was impossible to surprise her about marriage. However I could still surprise her in the actual proposal. So to propose right I had to invent a reason to go to Kings Park… before a dinner in the city. We walked over to the marlee pavilion (where we are getting married) and got down on one knee. Afterwards we went to dinner and had an amazing meal which is still probably the best dinner I have ever had.

The ceremony venue was due to the story above – it was tied in to our story and we love a good view The reception was out of convenience and again – the view

We want them to have lots of fun, dancing, good food and drinks, let loose and enjoy themselves while they help celebrate our new beginning

We wanted something sophisticated and romantic. As the venue had a lot of black and dark hues in its decor, we decided to lean into it, backing our colour palette black with plenty of candle light and pops of reds, purples and whites in our florals.

It’s so hard to pick a favourite but during the maid of honour speech, we were surprised by a video of all the guests that couldn’t make the wedding due to travel restrictions

Tell us about your flowers, your dress, your flavours, your cake, etc.

As we had a three course set menu, we opted for a champagne tower instead of a wedding cake that we would pour together as a couple.

We both felt that our wedding was a day filled with love and happiness. We had so much fun and felt so much love and support from all our favourite people.

What is one piece of advice that you could give brides-to-be?

Make sure you have an overall vision of what you want for your wedding day before you start booking things and don’t let yourself be pressured/rushed into making snap decisions. But for the week and day of the wedding, just let go and enjoy it.


Filmmaker: Ben Chan @ Ben Chan Wedding Cinematography

Photographer: Kenneth Lim @ Kenneth Lim Photography

Wedding Coordinator: Katie @ Gray Lane Event Design

Wedding Venue: Marlee Pavilion @ Kings Park

Reception Venue: Fraser’s Kings Park

Music: Roadshow DJs

Transportation and Limo: Matt @ Allure Limousine

Champagne Tower: Euphoric Events

Ceremony Furniture: Lara & Dan @ Black Label Events

Photo Booth: Merlina @ Perth Open Photobooth

Black Draping: Lisa @ Special Occasions WA

Head Table Linen: The Tailored Table

Dance Floor/Sparkers: Lumin8

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