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Swan Valley Sandalford Wines Wedding Film

Yi Ling + Anthony

With perfect weather conditions at the lovely Sandalford Wines in the Swan Valley, Yi Ling and Anthony said I do as they began their exciting journey as husband and wife.

Watch their wedding film below.

What can I say to sum up the last 8 years with you. I found my best friend, my one and only confidant, my lover, and also a lifelong pillow nicknamed your bootyAnthony, Groom
These last 8 years with you, you have shown me what it means to be truly loved and how it feels to know I have someone I trust with my life Yi Ling, Bride

The Story

In February 2013, Ling and Anthony met for the very first time at a mutual friend’s 19th birthday party. At that time Anthony may or may not have been under the acceptable drinking age, but that didn’t stop him from getting stuck into playing beer pong with some mates with what he thought was communal beer. He realised he was wrong when a guest randomly yelled out ‘Who drank my beer?’. Anthony owned up and apologised and told the guy that he would buy him some more beer but he was underage. Ling  saved the day as a responsible 18 year who happened to be sober so she went with Anthony to the bottle shop.
On the way there they Anthony discovered that Ling knew his cousin who also went to Ling’s high school. They also discovered their mutual love of Sky Vodka when Anthony had the audacity to say to Ling that she looked like someone who didn’t drink much, followed up ‘Mate, I can definitely out drink you’. Ling was determined to prove him wrong, which she did. Before they knew it, the entire bottle was gone. After that night they became Facebook friends the next day. They had their first date at the student budget friendly Southland Nandos. Many more dates followed after and Anthony and Ling made it official on Valentine’s Day the following year. Anthony asked Ling to be his girlfriend before handing her a present, a soft toy elephant they later named Elly.

Ling’s initial thoughts of Anthony was that she wanted her fists to connect with his face…. after Anthony ever so casually dropped the line: “The the head boy at Applecross Senior High School”, which made her roll her eyes so hard. Despite that she also thought that Anthony talked a little too much, she did admire his confidence and the way he made those around him laugh and feel comfortable. 
Initially after their Vodka-off, Anthony thought Ling was an absolute drinker. He also thought that she was cute and innocent, which after getting to know her a little, he thought was a slightly naive initial thought.

Ling and Anthony was on a trip to Moscow. They were about an hour and a half from Moscow on a husky sledding tour. Anthony’s plan was to randomly drop to one knee during the tour whenever his gut told him to do so. He was running out of time as they were almost done with the tour. Ling was chatting to the dog trainer, Olga so once they had finished the conversation, Anthony said that’s it, get ready to take photos before awkwardly turning to Ling and asking her to stand there. Ling thought to herself “We’re taking photos with the snow now are we?”. Anthony then finally dropped to one knee and said those famous four words to Ling, as well as some other things that Ling could not understand at all as Anthony was in quite the hysterical state. In fact til this day Ling has no idea what he said, nor does Anthony. But she did put two and two together and said a massive Yes! To celebrate, they went into Olga’s cottage where she made them Russian pancakes and made the watch one of their old husky sledding tournament videos on a tiny 1960s black and white tv. And the rest they say is history!

Lets hear from the couple themselves:

What did you envision your wedding being prior to planning?

We wanted our wedding day to be fun, fun for our guests, and fun for us. That meant a lot of dancing, drinking, and laughter – which I think we achieved!

Colour palette was soft pinkish tones with whites and greens

I think when Anthony and I got a moment to ourselves and just sat on the grass and chilled out for 5 minutes. It was really nice to get away from everyone and the overwhelming “let’s get a photo” moment with the guests. We had just finished the ceremony and didn’t have a moment to actually acknowledge that we were officially married, so having that 5 minutes was just perfect.

A lot of things went wrong like guests getting upset at not having time to take photos and honestly, I didn’t feel confident in my dresses – having gained weight during covid 🙁 but all our vendors and bridal party made me forget about those problems and I was really able to enjoy myself and forget about all the problems and insecurities I was having. It was everything that we wanted at our wedding, and I can truly say it was the best day of my life.

What is one piece of advice that you could give brides-to-be?

Choose vendors that you connect with. Our wedding would not have been what it was without our vendors. All our vendors were amazing and knew exactly what they were doing. Not only did they do their jobs, but they also went above and beyond!


Filmmaker: Ben Chan @ Ben Chan Wedding Cinematography

Photographer: Rebecca Lim @ Le Camo Photography

Wedding Venue: Sandalford Wines

Reception Venue: Sandalford Wines

Hair and Makeup: Jayne Yong @ Hadarah Hair and Makeup

Florist:  Maple and Wren

Music/DJ: Josh Henderson @ Marry me Josh

Cake: Sarah Gallen @ Takes the Cake

Wedding Dress: Luv Bridal

Rental Company: Just Brides

Hotel Accomodation: The Colony @ Mandoon Estate

Photobooth: Perth Open Photobooth

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